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Adding an event

Open the calendar 

To add an event click on the Add Event button in the top toolbar, or left click on a day and click Add.

2. Fill in all the details as shown below. You can assign a colour to the event which will be used to display the event on the calendar. Then click the Add Event button.



3. The event is then displayed in the calendar as so. If you click on the event it will expand to show all of the details.


First, choose the Calendar to add the event to using the dropdown.

Choose a start and end date. If your event is on the same day, choose a start and end time.


If you want to block out one or more days (for example holidays) click All Day tick box and the times will disappear.


To make an event repeat, click the Repeat tickbox where you can control the criteria for the repeat (such as number of times, between dates, frequency).