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Answer: If your account has an email attached to it, you can reset your password by clicking on the 'Can't Access Your Account?' link on the Jotter login page, and entering your email.

Alternatively, if someone at your school has administrator access, they can go to the 'admin' section of jotter and click 'change password' next to your username to set you a new password.

If your account doesn't have an email attached to it and no one else at the school has admin access to reset your password in the admin console, please email us at from your school email address requesting a password reset, including the username you need resetting if possible. If you cannot email from a school email address we will request an email from a trusted contact we have on file. 

If you've added a page recently and it's not showing on the navigation menu it may be because the page is either hidden or as a child of a page (meaning you'd have to navigate through the parent page)

To help fix this go to:

Manage -> Pages -> Scroll down to your required page and select it -> For page to be selected from the Main Navigation select 'Root' in the parent drop down. 

In Visibility ensure 'Show in Menu' is ticked.

It's okay this can happen!


go to the page you'd changed -> manage -> drafts -> revisions

From here you can preview all the changes made to the page since creation and revert to any date you'd like.

Can't Access Your Account?
Can't Access Your Account?