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A general overview of accounts, roles and administration

This help sheet explains how users can be grouped together, then how groups can be assigned access to folders, calendars and pages. It covers setting user role privileges, and assigning these user roles to each user account.

USER: A user is an individual person’s account

GROUP: A group is a collection of users (i.e. a class of students. A group is a collection of user accounts.)

GROUP TYPE: A group type is a container that can hold multiple groups (i.e. group type “students” contains all the groups of students. This means that all students can be assigned to one kind of app or activity quickly using the group type “students”.).

ROLE: A role is a label that can be assigned various permissions to do things (like edit pages or administer the site). A role is assigned to a user account.

APPLICATION ROLES: Application Roles are permissions to be able to do things in apps. For example the site app has the roles: editor, publisher or viewer. These allow users assigned with these roles to do different types of action in that app. For example, a publisher can edit and publish pages to the website. An editor can only edit and save drafts. A draft can then be reviewed by a publisher and published to the website.

Click on the Admin app on the dashboard to move to the admin area.

The order you will get your user roles and users setup is as follows:

Create and Edit User Roles

Create User Accounts

Create Group Types

Create User Groups and assign to a group type

The last section is about changing a users application role to allow one person to have extra or less privileges than the user role that they have been assigned.

E. Changing a Users Application Roles