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Bespoke Mobile App


Our Jotter Mobile App links to your Jotter site to provide a mobile app with the same themes and branding. It allows parents to receive notifications, view newsletters, the calendar and image galleries.


App Basics

How to download the app

App Administration


Adding News

Adding news through the mobile center

Adding news through the Jotter 'News' feature

News Categories

Editing and Deleting News stories


Sharing your Jotter Calendars with Mobile Center

Removing Your Jotter Calendars from Mobile Center

Hiding Your Calendar from Mobile

Previewing Your Calendar

How to Change and Manage Calendars


Adding maps to the app


Adding alerts to notify parents with the app

Administrating alert categories


Adding Newsletters in Mobile Center

Adding Newsletters from Jotter Feed

Why won't my newsletters send?


Sharing site galleries on the app


Adding contacts

Changing the order of contacts


Adding links in the app