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Insert a Text Box


Insert a text box to your page

1. Log in to your school Jotter website, navigate to the relevant page and click the edit page button

Insert Pic

2. Then click on insert item button and then select the Text option.

Insert Pic

3. Next, decide where you want to place the text by clicking on one of the boxes that says insert here.

Insert Pic

4. Type in your text


5. Click save and then select Save and Publish Page


Insert an Image in a text box

1. Log in to your school Jotter website, navigate to the relevant page and click the edit page button.


2. click on the insert item button and select text.


3. select the area on your webpage where you want your image to appear by clicking on any bar that displays the text here.


4. To add an image click on the insert/edit image icon, it shows a green landscape image as highlighted below.

5. the insert/edit image window will open. To browse your files area to find the image you wish to insert your text box, click on the browse icon on the right of the source field.

6. This will open the My Files area which will allow you to navigate to or upload the required images. (See the file upload tutorial)

7. First make a folder to upload the images into. Navigate to where you want to create the folder amd click the add folder button. Type the name of the folder and then click Add Folder button.

8. Click into the folder that you have just created.

9. Click on the blue upload file button that will open the upload screen.

10. To upload an image click on the Add Files button. This will open Windows Explorer on your computer, locate the images(s) that you want to upload. You can select as many images as you like, either hold the CTRL key down while you click on each image in turn or hold the left mouse button down and drag your mouse over the imageto automatically select your images. Click on the Open button.

11. This will bring you back to the upload screen where you will see the images that have been selected. Click on the Start Upload button.

12. On upload completion click on the , button at the top left of the open window. This will take you back to the folder with the images are now in it.

13. then clic choose button on the required images. The source name will appear for your image. If you enter an image description it will appear when the mouse cursor is placed over the image. You can set the required dimensions if you have uploaded a large image.